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Durasaw blade for aluminium

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Durasaw blade for aluminium Metal & Aluminium Saw Blade Circular Saw Blade

Durasaw is specially formulated by Germany technology to run non-fibre cutting. It also can be use on glass and steel cutting process. We provide sharpening and maintenance services as well.
Size available:

HOK-ASB-1140I       110MM X 20/16MM X 2.2MM X 40T

HOK-ASB-1660L      160MM X 25.4MM X 2.2MM X 60T
SKP-ASB-1848M      180MM X 20MM X 4.5/3.2MM X 48T
HOK-ASB-1860L       180MM X 25.4MM X 2.2MM X 60T
MAR-ASB-2080L       200MM X 25.4MM X 2.2MM X 80T
HOK-ASB-2080L        200MM X 25.4MM X 2.4MM 80T
MAR-ASB-2080M       200MM X 30MM X 2.2MM X 80T
HOK-ASB-2310L        230MM X 25.4MM X 2.8MM X 100T
KRA-ASB-2510M        250MM X 30MM X 3.0/2.5MM X 100T
A-ASB-2KR512M        250MM X 30MM X 3.0/2.5MM X 120T
SKP-ASB-2568O         250MM X 32MM X 3.5/2.8MM X 68T
SUG-ASB-2888O        280MM X 32MM X 3.2MM X 88T
KRA-ASB-3072M        300MM X 30MM X 3.2/2.7MM X 72T
KRA-ASB-3096M        300MM X 30MM X 3.0/2.5MM X 96T-ALU
KRA-ASB-3012M        300MM X 30MM X 3.0/2.5MM X 120T-ALU

SKP-ASB-3310M        3300M X 30MM X 3.6/2.8MM X 100T-ALU
SKP-ASB-3310O        330MM X 32MM X 3.5/2.5MM X 104T-ALU
SKP-ASB-3510L         350MM X 25.4MM X 3.5/2.5MM X 100T
FRD-ASB - 3584M      350MM X 30MM X 3.5MM X 84T-ALU
KRA-ASB-351             350MM X 30MM X 3.6/2.8MM X 120T
BUR-ASB-3572M        350MM X 30MM X 4.4/3.2MM X 72T-ALU
CMT-ASB-3511O         350MM X 32MM X 3.2MM X 108T-ALU

SKP-ASB-3613M         355MM X 30MM X 3.0/2.5MM X 132T -ALU
HOK-ASB-3512M         355MM X 30MM X 3.0MM X 120T
SUG-ASB-3811M         380MM X 30MM X 3.6/3.2MM X 110T
KRA-ASB-4012M          400MM X 30MM X 3.0/2.5MM X 120T
BUR-ASB-4013M          400MM X 30MM X 3.5/3.0// X 130T
FRD-ASB-4012M           400MM X 32MM X 3.5/3.0MM X 120T-ALU
DAS-ASB-4096O           400MM X 32MM X 4.0/3.0// X 96T-S.ALU

HOK-ASB-4012M           405MM X 30MM X 3.2MM X 120T
YAN-ASB-4148M            405MM X 30MM X 4.0MM X 48T-ALU
SKP-ASB-4512L             450MM X 25.4MM X 3.6/3.0MM X 120T -ALU
KRA-ASB-4512M            450MM X 30MM X 3.0/2.5MM X 120T
CMT-ASB-4511O             450MM X 32MM X 3.8/3.2MM X 108T-ALU
KRA-ASB-4512O             450MM X 32MM X 4.0/3.2MM X 120T

KRA-ASB-5013O             500MM X 32MM X 4.2/3.2MM X 130T
DAS-ASB-5072O              500MM X 32MM X 4.6/3.6MM X 72T-ALU
CMT-ASB-5012O              500MM X 32MM X 4/3.2MM X 120T-ALU

DAS-ASB-6050O               600MM X 32MM X 4.6/3.6MM X 50T-ALU
DAS-ASB-6012O               600MM X 32MM X 4.6/3.6MM X 120T-ALU

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