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Southern State Sdn. Bhd.

9, 11 & 15, Lorong 1, Jalan Dewani, Off Jalan Tampoi, Majidee, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
+607-332 1154 / 0984
     +607-334 3834
+607-331 6966

(Mr. Yono/ Ms. Aini)

Machine (Woodworking)

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Virutex Door Lock mortiser FC116U

JETMAC Wood Metal Bandsaw£®JVBS-18MW£©

Portable Thickness Planer 230V

JETMAC Wood Lathe

SOUSTA Hydraulic Cool Press with Roller Device

UT.MA Italy CNC Automatic Grinder ( AL/800E)

Sousta Double Bag Dust Collector MF9040/55 (MF 4/5.5)

Sousta Double Bag Dust Collector MF9030 (MF3.0)

Sousta Dust Collector MF9022 (MF2.2)

Woodworking Contructions Saw

Woodworking Bandsaw

Wood Lathe

Metal Lathe

Belt & Disc Sander

Auto Plunger Pump Head

Grinding Machine

Bandsaw Machine

OMGA Mitre Chop£®OMGA 1L 300£©

JETMAC Combination Disc and Belt Sander

JET Band Saw(JWBS-14Q)

CMT Hollow Chisel Set

Mt`ng Shan Best Quality Hollow Chisel Set

Japan High Quality Square Hollow Chisel Set


UT.MA (AL 804)

MP257 Straight Knife Grinder

MP2510 Straight Knife Grinder



45 Degree Sliding Table Circular Saw Machine£®SYO- 80045£©

Sliding Table Circular Saw with Scoring Unit(SYO-802)

Sliding Table Circular Saw(SYO-800)

Hollow Chisel Mortiser(SA- 540)


HOLYWOOD AP20-Automatic Planer

KUFO Tilting Arbor with Scoring Saw Blade (SK-250TS-L)

KUFO Roller Feeders£® SK-40FD£©


JET Metal Lathe £®JET BD8)

JET Metal Lathe£®JET BD7£©

AS-Hose Clamp

JET Bandsaw £®JMWBS-9£©

JET Dust Collector £®JDC-1900A£©

JET Dust Collector£®JDC-1100A£©

JET Dust Collector £®JDC-950A£©

JET Wood Lathe £®JWL-3520£©

JET Wood Lathe £®JWL-1442£©

JET Wood Lathe£®JWL-1236£©

JET Wood Lathe£®JWL-1220£©

JET Lathe£®JML-1014l)

1 - 50 of 86

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