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Southern State Sdn. Bhd.

9, 11 & 15, Lorong 1, Jalan Dewani, Off Jalan Tampoi, Majidee, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
+607-332 1154 / 0984
     +607-334 3834
+607-331 6966

(Mr. Yono/ Ms. Aini)

Cutting Tools

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Kennedy 5% Cobalt Parting-off Inch

Kennedy HSS Round Inch

Kennedy 5%Cobalt Rectangular Inch

Kennedy Toolbits

HSS Super KM25

HSS Sprint KM25

HSS Cobalt KM25

Combiset TM9/1

Combiset TM9

Sherwood HSS-Co 5% 90°„ Countersinks

Sherwood HSS-Co 5% High Performance Countersinks

Sherwood HSS-Co 5% 3 Flute-Taper Shank

Sherwood HSS-Co 5% Multi Flute-Straight Shank

Sherwood HSS-Co 5% 3 Flute-Straight Shank

Sherwood HSS-Co 5% 3 Flute Piloted Countersinks

Sherwood HSS-Co 5% Countersink Set

Sherwood HSS Single Flute Countersinks

Sherwood HSS-E Co 5% Countersinks Single Hole

Sherwood HSS Sheet Metal Step Drill Set

Sherwood HSS Multi-Diameter Step Drills

ER - Collet Chucks

High Precision Boring Head Set

SwissTech HSS-E °ĮBlack Ring°ģ Set

Set of 15 HSS-Cobalt S/SDrills 1/16"-1/2" x 1/32"

Sherwood HSS-CO Single Flute Countersink Set

SwissTech Ball Nose Cutter

Bore Milling Cutter

Sherwood Carbide End Mill

Indexable Bodies

ISO Milling Inserts

Sherwood HSS Threaded Shank Woodruff Cutters

Sherwood HSS-EV Threded Shank Coarse Pitch Ripper Cutters

Shank Milling Cutter

Sherwood Slot Drill Cutter

Kennedy Brazed Tools

Welded Tools

ISO Toolholder

ISO Turning Insert

Toolbits and Parting Off Blades

Kennedy SDS Hammer Drill Bit

Kennedy Rotary Masonry Drill Bit

Kobe Tile and Glass Drill Set

Boring Head Set


Sherwood Taper Shank Drill

Sherwood Carbide PCB Drills

Sherwood HSS Drill Blank

Sherwood Taper Sheet & Tube Drill

Carbide Drill

Sherwood Center Drill

1 - 50 of 60

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