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Southern State Sdn. Bhd.

9, 11 & 15, Lorong 1, Jalan Dewani, Off Jalan Tampoi, Majidee, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
+607-332 1154 / 0984
     +607-334 3834
+607-331 6966

(Mr. Yono/ Ms. Aini)

Storage and Handling

Plastic Box 600L

MATLOCK Aluminium Folding Platform Steps

MATLOCK Lever Hoists

MATLOCK Hand Chain Hoists

Matlock Beam Clamps

KENNEDY Folding Mobile Crane

KENNEDY Folding Mobile Crane

KENNEDY 1000kg Folding Mobile Crane

SOLENT Clay Absorbent Gaunules

SOLENT IBC Spill Pallets (single)

SOLENT Spill Kit Audit Covers

SOLENT Drum Tray

SOLENT Small Container Trays£®SWB4£©

SOLENT Small Container Trays£®SWB2£©

SOLENT Small Container Trays(SWB1)

SOLENT Drum Funnel

SOLENT Bench Trays

SOLENT Workfloors £®ramp£©

SOLENT Workfloors £®4 drum in-line£©

SOLENT Workfloors £®4 drum£©

SOLENT Workfloors(2 drum)

SOLENT Drum Trolley

SOLENT Spill Pallets£®4 drum in-line£©

SOLENT Spill Pallets £®4 drum£©

SOLENT Spill Pallets (2 drum)

MATLOCK Pallet Truck 1150 x 685mm

MATLOCK Pallet Truck 1150 x 540mm

MATLOCK Access Platform for Forklift Truck

RUTLAND Heavy Duty Garden Wheel Barrow

MATLOCK Folding Platform Trolley

MATLOCK Folding Platform Trolley

MATLOCK Folding Aluminium Trolley

MATLOCK Heavy Duty Truck

MATLOCK Service Trolley 3 Flat Shelves

MATLOCK Heavy Duty Hand Trucks

MATLOCK Folding Multi-Purpose Trolley

MATLOCK 200kg Capacity Sack Trunk

MATLOCK 100kg Capacity Sack Truck

MATLOCK P-Handle Sack Truck

MATLOCK Flat Footiron Stairclimbing Truck

MATLOCK Folding Footiron Stairclimbing Truck

Stacker £®MTL-9851250£©


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