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Southern State Sdn. Bhd.

9, 11 & 15, Lorong 1, Jalan Dewani, Off Jalan Tampoi, Majidee, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
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(Mr. Yono/ Ms. Aini)

Lubricant System

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CENA NC IC Controlled

Reversible Pump

Magnetic Sensor Reed Switch

Solent Maintenance Floor Paint £®5ltr£©

CESS 1L Type

CESC With Buzzer Device

CESMB With Float Switch

CESA Without Float Switch

CEA Two Time Adjuster Type

CEV-05 60W With Pressure switch

CEV-03 Controlled By PLC

CEV-02 Controlled By PLC

CEN02 NC IC Controlled

CEN01 Controlled By PLC

CESW Two Time Adjuster Type

CESD Timer Inside The Wire Box

CESP Dial Type

CESHSingle Time Adjuster Type

High Pressure Clamps

Junctions adapter

Proportion Adapter

Elbow Adapter

Tube Clips


Nylon Tube Cutter

TOP-204 Direct Motor+1/2HP Oil Pump

TOP-204 Heavy Oil Pump

1RA-3FS Rotary Oil Pump

TOP-12A Rotary Oil Pump

Straight Adapter

Compression Sleeve

Compression Bushing

Float Switch

Electro-Magnetic Pump

Oil Filter

Adjustable Oil Filter

Swivel Connector

High & Low Pressure Filter

Steel Iron Horizontal Motor+TOP

Cast Iron Horizontal Motor

Coolant Pump

Suction Pump

CB Type Anti-Vibration Distributor

BB Type Grease Nipple Distributor

AB Type Adjustable Distributor

B Type Adjustable Distributor

A Type Distributor

BS Type Adjustable Distributor

CV Progressive Feeders

CO Type Oil-Air Volume Distributor

1 - 50 of 77

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