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PNA, PNB Pneumatic Lubricator

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PNA, PNB Pneumatic Lubricator Pneumatic, Oil-Air, Oil-Mist Lubricators Lubricant System

  1. PNA and PNB type pneumatic lubricators are actuated by compressed air, and the pressure of lubricator is controlled by input air pressure.
  2. PNA type is resistance type, doesn't pressure-relief device, and the discharge volume is 0~8cc/stroke adjustable. Turn the knob clockwise, and the volume is larger; turn it anti-clockwise, and the volume is smaller.
  3. PNA type can work with many kinds of open distributors, such as straight adapters, ratio control connectors, type A, type B, type AE, and type AB distributors.
  4. PNB type has pressure-relief device, and the discharge volume is fixed. PNB type needs to work with volume distributors, with CAB or CBB type distributor, oil will feed during operation time. With CDB or T type distributor, oil will feed during interval time.
  5. PNA and PNB type have float switch that can detect the volume of oil. It will have abnormal signal automatically when the oil level is lower than the standard.
  6. Pressure gauge and pressure switch could be added on request for checking if the pressure is normal.
  7. Reservoir 2.5L and above could be added partition and filter(40μ) on request.
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